American Language and Culture Center

IEP Curriculum

We offer 9 levels of classes. All levels consist of classes in the following skill areas: listening & speaking and reading & writing with integrated grammar. Students must successfully complete all level 9 classes with a grade of B or better in order to graduate from the program.

ESL Program Curriculum

Additional Course of Study: Academic Bridge Program

For students who successfully complete level 7 of the program, we offer the option of a bridge program, in which students take 1 IEP class and 2 content area classes at SUU. Students must be selected and approved for the bridge program. The prerequisites for entrance into the bridge program is completion of all level 7 classes with a grade of B or better and approval by the Academic Coordinator. Students may participate in the academic bridge program for a maximum of two semesters.

Additional Course: Experiential Learning

We are also excited to offer an experiential learning course for our ESL students. This course aligns with the university’s EDGE program, and provides students with an opportunity to develop, implement, and analyze an independent project. Students must successfully complete level 9 in order to register for the experiential learning course.

Course Goal: This course is an introduction to experiential learning, including an introduction to SUUs experiential learning program. This course is designed to offer students guidance in learning  to integrate learning with real-world experience. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the 5 Engagement Centers at SUU.

    • Community Engagement Center
    • Creativity Engagement Center
    • Global Engagement Center
    • Leadership Engagement Center
    • Outdoor Engagement Center

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the principles of experiential learning
  • Define and restate the EDGE Program process
  • Summarize the types of EDGE projects that might be proposed in four of the centers (Community, Creative, Global, or Outdoor).
  • Create a mini-project proposal in one of four EDGE centers (Community, Creative, Global, or Outdoor).
  • Implement the proposed mini-project
  • Analyze and critique project implementation


  • Week 1: Introduction to experiential learning: principles and practices
    • Assignment: paper/presentation
  • Week 2: Introduction to the EDGE Centers and the EDGE program process
    • Assignment: process map
  • Week 3: Review of sample projects/begin developing proposals
    • Assignments: quiz; proposal draft
  • Week 4: Project Proposals
    • Assignment: project proposal
  • Week 5: Project Implementation and Revision
    • Assignment: progress report
  • Week 6: Project Implementation and Revision/Begin Analysis and Critique
    • Assignment: progress report
  • Week 7: Analysis and Critique of Projects
    • Paper/Presentation