Financial Aid Deadlines

Important application and process dates and deadlines
2022-23 FAFSA Application Priority Deadline May 1st, 2022, Final Deadline June 30th, 2023
2021-22 FAFSA Application Priority Deadline May 1st, 2021, Final Deadline June 30th, 2022
Financial Aid Disbursements* Aid will pay out 10 days before the start of each semester
Course Attendance Verification Must be completed by third week of classes each semester or Financial Aid may be adjusted
Last day to add a course and receive grant funding if eligible** 100% Refund Deadline for Full Session
Cost of Attendance Adjustments based on enrollment level 100% Refund Deadline
FAFSA Verification June 30th for each academic year
Student Loan Acceptance Loans must be accepted by the last day of classes (before finals week)
Marital Status Update*** April 1st for each academic year
Satisfactory Academic Progress Fall: 9/26/22       Spring: 2/6/23       Summer: 6/5/23
Scholarship Housing February 1st of each year
General Scholarship Application March 1st of each year
Tuition Waiver Deadline 100% Refund Deadline

* Financial Aid will pay out according to enrollment status and can only be disbursed based on courses that have started. Additional aid will pay out 10 days before the start of second session courses if applicable.

**Any additional courses registered after this date do not qualify for an increase in grant funding if otherwise eligible

***For marital status updates, students must be married and their marital status updated on FAFSA before the last day of classes they are attending (not finals week). Marriages that happen after the April 1st deadline will not be considered for the preceding award year unless the student attends summer semester.