Types and Sources of Financial Aid at SUU

There are many different types of financial aid available to students. This aid can come from various sources, including the Federal government, state departments and agencies as well as private organizations and donors. As an institution, SUU also provides many scholarships each year to eligible students. They various sources and types of aid are listed below.


For information related to the One-Time Student Loan Debt Relief Program announced by the Biden administration, visit https://studentaid.gov/debt-relief-announcement/one-time-cancellation.

The Federal government is a large source of aid for students who need financial assistance. This aid is provided through grants, loans and workstudy awards.


The state of Utah provides grant and scholarship programs, typically for students who are Utah residents or, in some cases, graduated from a Utah high school.

Institutional Aid

Institutional scholarships are awarded to new freshman who complete their admission application before the scholarship deadline and meet the specific scholarship requirements. Scholarships are also awarded to continuing students who complete the required applications and meet the requirements of scholarship.

Private Scholarships

Many different organizations and private donors also provide scholarships for SUU students. These scholarships are very specific to donor requirements.