T-Bird Promise Scholarship

Over 1.2 Million dollars in Scholarships have been awarded to students at Southern Utah University!

Southern Utah University prioritizes the success of students in all aspects of their education. For the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year, we invite you to apply for our T-Bird Promise Scholarship. The aim of this scholarship is to eliminate financial barriers for our underserved student populations to promote access to an equitable education. 

Student looking up at commencement

This need based scholarship can award up to the full tuition or the full Pell Grant award for the academic year. Students who are not Pell grant eligible can still be considered for the scholarship. This scholarship is renewable for 8 academic semesters as long as you maintain a 2.0 GPA, complete 70% of your courses, and are a full time student. In order to apply for the scholarship you must:

  • Complete the FAFSA application to determine maximum eligibility, and for the EFC to be reviewed (does not apply to DACA/Undocumented students).
  • You must not have a full-tuition scholarship or award on your account.
  • You must be enrolled as a main campus student taking in person courses.
  • You must be enrolled in an undergraduate program of study
  • Write a short essay explaining why you need the funding, and discuss your background.
  • We encourage students from the demographics listed to apply. These include, but are not limited to the following: Qualify for free or reduced lunch, first generation, homeless, black or African American, Latino or Latinx, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Native American, financial need, extenuating financial circumstances.

The application will open on October 1st 2023, and priority will be given to students who apply by December 1st. The application will remain open until funding is completely awarded. 

Awards will be granted March 1st continuing throughout the spring and summer. The scholarship will start in your first semester of the 2024-2025 academic year at SUU.

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