Rules Regarding Repeated Classes and Your Financial Aid

A Federal Regulation regarding repeated coursework took effect for Fall 2011. This new regulation redefines the definition of full-time enrollment for undergraduate students, and may exclude courses from counting toward your enrollment for financial aid. Students may now retake a previously passed course one time; the third time he or she takes that same class, it will not count toward enrollment for financial aid.

For undergraduate students, full-time enrollment is 12 or more semester hours per semester, and half-time status is at least 6 semester hours. Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive student loans. If the  repeated courses that are excluded cause the student’s enrollment to be less than half-time, he or she will not be eligible for Federal aid (other than Pell for eligible students). 

Please note:  If you are a Pell grant recipient and are taking a previously passed (or withdrawn) course for the third time, the amount you are eligible to receive may be prorated based on three-quarter, half-, or less than half-time enrollment when the hours for the repeated class(es) are excluded.