Talent Development Award Program

The Talent Development Award Program is intended for students who are obtaining a degree and to train individuals to work in certain jobs that have high demand for new employees in Utah. The Talent Development Award Program is offered to those who are in the CSIS field.


In order to qualify for this grant, applicants must:

  • Be enrolled as a student at SUU or other USHE institutions.
  • Sign a declaration that they are pursuing or will pursue in a qualifying degree.
  • Sign a declaration of their intent to work in a qualifying job in Utah after graduation.
  • Complete a FAFSA application.
  • Demonstrate financial need. Award is prioritized based on financial need and may take into account all other grants and loans.
  • Meet with CSIS Administrative Assistant for application.


A recipient must submit a FAFSA application for each year they wish to be considered for the Talent Development Award Program. If a student is selected for verification, verification must be completed before funds are disbursed onto the student’s account. The Talent Development Award Program cannot exceed tuition, fees, and books after other grants have been utilized.

Transferring or Deferring

Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

How to Apply

The student must complete the FAFSA application, then meet with the CSIS Administrative Assistant who will give the application to students and the associated declarations.


*This is a last dollar grant. It may be reduced and/or canceled if another grant or loan comes in after it is applied to the recipients account. Please direct any questions or concerns to the SUU Financial Aid and Scholarships office at finaid@suu.edu or 435-586-7735.