College of Humanities & Social Sciences

College of Humanities & Social Science

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences seeks to create everyday leaders and life-long learners.

Through superior teaching, experiential experiences, and educational activities that promote and encourage critical and creative thinking, students have the opportunity to develop into productive, responsible citizens. Because it is essential to the educational process, HSS also encourages a sense of “community” wherein collaboration, diversity, respect for all people, civility, and shared governance are cultivated. As the premier liberal arts college in the intermountain west, HSS provides the individual freedom for students to find and follow the passion that will allow them to excel in their careers, their community, and their families.

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History, Sociology, & Anthropology
Languages & Philosophy
Political Science & Criminal Justice
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Project Archaeology at SUU

project archaeology  team

Southern Utah University is the home to the Utah Project Archaeology program. Project Archaeology works to create relevant curriculums for elementary and secondary level teachers that teach “scientific and historical inquiry, cultural understanding, and the importance of protecting our nation’s rich cultural resources.” 

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Dean's Message

Jean Boreen

Welcome to the College of Humanities & Social Sciences at Southern Utah University. We are dedicated to elevating the cultural and intellectual community of faculty, staff, students, and neighbors in southern Utah. Leadership in the college centers around our faculty and staff, who are at the heart of all we do. Our mission is supported by six academic departments who house the following majors: communication, criminal justice, English, psychology, anthropology, history, languages, philosophy, political science, and sociology. We also have Masters degrees in Communication, Public Administration, and Interdisciplinary Studies. CAEP-accredited secondary education programs in English, History, and Languages are also housed in HSS, as is the University Composition Program, the University Writing Center, and the Speech and Presentation Center.

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