Mission, Vision & Goals for Humanities and Social Sciences


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences seeks to create everyday leaders. The College supports excellence in education through a diverse, dynamic, and personalized academic environment that emphasizes engaged learning. We educate students to embody holistic knowledge, inspire critical thinking, possess dynamic oral and written communication skills, and become global citizens. Together, this education and training will equip students to make positive changes in their communities.


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences will become the premier liberal arts college in the intermountain west, providing the core intellectual and engaged learning experiences that prepare students for their role as active citizens and everyday leaders.


Academic Excellence:

With superior teaching as its centerpiece, academic excellence is the hallmark of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Highly qualified faculty members promote and encourage critical and creative thinking, participative educational experiences, applied research, and a supportive learning community. HSS is committed to an academic environment that encourages students to develop as scholars and citizens. Assessment of quality and continual improvement are hallmarks of the education experience with HSS.

Community and Social Responsibility:

Essential to the educational process is a sense of “community,” wherein collaboration, diversity, respect for all people, civility and shared governance are cultivated. The college encourages the discussion and exploration of differing views while recognizing the cherished individual freedom to reach one’s own conclusions. Developing students into productive, responsible citizens and future everyday leaders involves training and instilling ethics and values and the responsibilities one has toward others.

Involvement and Personal Growth:

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences encourages student growth and development by providing opportunities to broaden service, social, and cultural perspectives through campus and community involvement in Internships, Study Abroad, Service Learning, UGRASP, and Honor’s programs. HSS affirms that active participation in extra-curricular activities provides a holistic educational experience and helps prepare students to become responsible, caring members of society.