Television Club


Photo of teleprompters in the SUTV studios.The Television Club at Southern Utah University is an official entity of SUU Clubs and Organizations and is closely associated with the Communication 3504 Television Lab Class. However, you do not need to be enrolled in the class to participate. The purpose of the club is to allow students to support television production at SUU and participate in social activities associated with the students who enjoy television production.

Television Club Mission Statement

Public Television should be the visual counterpart of the literary essay, should arouse our dreams, satisfy our hunger for beauty, take us on journeys, enable us to participate in events, present great drama and music, explore the sea and sky and the woods and hills.  It should be our Lyceum, our Chataqua, our Minsky's and our Camelot.  It should restate and clarify the social dilemma and the political pickle.
- EB White - Writer and Philosopher

Our mission is to empower students to significantly increase their television performance and production capability in order to achieve worthwhile purposes through understanding and living principles centered around one of the most influential medium in the world, television.

SUTV is especially designed for students seeking to learn the origin, essence  and delivery of mass communication as well as to explore experiences in a television setting.

If one class can help us to express, to think, to plan and to use various media methods, it is a meaningful class.  A person who knows and can apply what's in that class is ready for a career in television.

This mission statement was ratified by the 1999-2000 SUTV Club members on the 14th day of October, 1999.