SUTV-9 Mission Statement


The mission of SUTV-Cable 9 is to provide quality broadcast instruction and career guidance to students interested in pursuing television as a profession. SUTV consists of programs produced for SUTV-Cable 9 programming or non-cablecast productions such as training and instructional programs. This instruction and cable station fall under the direction of the Communication Department at Southern Utah University and are especially designed for SUU communication majors and SUU Television Club members who seek to learn how mass communication is used.

As part of the Bachelor's degree program at SUU, broadcast instruction is also designed to show how basic television communication and persuasion relates to all human interaction. SUTV is meant to provide training that prepares students for entrance into the many aspects of the television business which includes news, production, sports, and entertainment. Instruction comes in the form of hands-on experience, classroom lectures and the student's opportunity to explore creative thinking and problem solving in a television production setting.

All production work at SUTV must provide an opportunity for students to learn about and explore the television medium. All production must be approved by faculty and staff and all work done by SUTV will be done to prepare students for a career in television or generate income which enhances student's opportunities.

Programming shown on SUTV, the University's cable station should either provide entertainment, news and information, sports or any other programming considered beneficial to SUU students, faculty and the broader Cedar City community.

All revenue from equipment use, production, and staff support will be used for repair and replacement of existing equipment and facilities so as to increase the production capabilities of SUTV. SUTV, the SUU Communication Department and Southern Utah University will not be held liable for student's or client's equipment or personal items brought to the SUTV facilities for production purposes.

The first consideration of SUTV and the SUU Television Club will always be the success of the students who wish to go forth and become a part of the most influential medium in the world, television.

This statement was first written in 1992 and ratified by the SUU Television Club on April 15, 1997.