Upper Division Scholarships Available for English Majors

There are five scholarships that may be available through the English Department. There are additional scholarships that may be available through the HSS College and/or university. Qualifying applications submitted to the English Department will be forwarded by the English Department to the Dean of the HSS College for consideration at the College/University level. The amounts available for awarding vary from year to year depending on the investment return on the endowment or donation amounts. All but one of these scholarships are shared with other departments, meaning those scholarships are only available to English majors on rotating years.

  • Walt and Mary McCulley Endowed Scholarship (awarded annually): Approx. $1500
  • The Eugene Woolf and David Lee Endowment for Literature and Creative Writing (awarded every 2 years): Approx. $2000
  • The Mary Lunt Endowment Scholarship (awarded every 3 years-nominees submitted to HSS College): Approx. $1500
  • Board of Trustees Scholarship (nominees submitted to HSS College): $6,000-$7,000
  • George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation Scholarship (nominees submitted to HSS College): $4,000-$5,000

General information about scholarships

English Department scholarship applications will be reviewed by a Scholarship Committee consisting of one representative from each English major emphasis (literature, creative writing, teaching) and an English lecturer. The committee’s recommendations will be reviewed and approved by the English Department Chair and faculty.

English Department scholarships are available to continuing English majors who will have achieved at least a sophomore status by January 1 of the scholarship award year.

These scholarships are awarded each spring to be applied the following fall/spring/summer semester(s). A student who receives a scholarship must register for and complete a minimum of 12 credits for the following fall/spring semesters to be eligible to receive the scholarship. The total award amount is usually split between the fall/spring semesters but may be combined into one semester under special circumstances. Scholarship money may be available for fall or spring Study Abroad, or the following fiscal year’s Maymester, or summer sessions under special circumstances. The scholarship recipient must maintain satisfactory academic progress according to university policy during the award term.

Scholarships may be awarded to the same student in multiple years.

Because of IRS regulations, family members of the donor are not eligible to receive that donor’s scholarship. They may, however, apply for other scholarships.

All scholarships are awarded on an objective and non-discriminatory basis. Some of these scholarships require demonstrated financial need.

When combined with other types of financial aid, a scholarship award may not exceed total tuition (unless otherwise noted, i.e. Board of Trustees Scholarship). The scholarship amount may affect other financial aid awards. There will be no checks written directly to students. The scholarship amount will be applied directly to tuition due.

Undergraduate students cannot be required to work for scholarships.

International students are eligible for English Department scholarships, but to receive the scholarship award, the student must submit a citizenship verification form along with the documentation required on the form.