Interdisciplinary Alumni Spotlight

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Kolton Pierson | Communication, Psychology, and Spanish | Class of 2019

What was your favorite part of the BIS program?

The ability to pick and choose the classes that would benefit me the most!

What have you done with your BIS degree since graduation?

I was able to finish a Master's Degree in Professional Communication, and I currently work in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center at SUU. The BIS degree allowed me to be more prepared for my Master's and my career with a diversified skill set that put me ahead.

What kind of advice would you give a new BIS student?

Craft your classes around your future career goals. Every career is going to require a diverse skill set, and you want to choose the disciplines that will be most applicable to the job you want. Build relationships with the professors in the various disciplines, and build your network. Also, don't forget to enjoy the college experience. It can be so fun if you take advantage of it!

Kolton Pierson


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