Public Lands and National Parks Studies Minor


Welcome to SUU's Public Lands and National Parks Studies (PLNP) program! The Minor in Public Lands and National Parks Studies is an interdisciplinary program housed within the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies within the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. This program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and practices related to the stewardship, conservation, and preservation of national parks, forests, refuges, historic sites, nature conservancies, and other unappropriated lands. Our interdisciplinary approach draws from a variety of fields, ensuring a well-rounded education that will empower you to make a meaningful impact in this important sector.

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SUU student working in the national parks

Why Pursue the PLNP Minor?

The Parks and Public Lands Studies minor offers a unique and enriching educational experience for individuals like you who appreciate our nation's public lands and aspire to build a career with federal, state, or non-profit land management agencies.

We encourage you to consider this opportunity and take the next step in your educational journey. By enrolling in the PLNP minor, you will be better equipped to pursue a fulfilling career in land management and conservation, making a lasting impact on the places you hold dear.

Contact Professor Kevin Koontz ( ) or Professor Ryan Paul ( ) if you are interested in declaring the Public Lands and National Parks Minor or have additional questions.


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