French Program Advising

French classes at SUU, what they cover and how to place yourself in French at SUU.

Class Course Content Who should take this course
French 1010 (Beginning French I) French 1010 starts with greetings, numbers, the alphabet, and basic vocabulary. Students learn the present tense of -er verbs and some of the most common irregular verbs such as aller, avoir, être, etc.

Students who have never studied French.

Students with very little high school French or some high school French from a few years ago.

French 1020 (Beginning French II) French 1020 introduces the present tense of -ir and -re verbs. Students learn more vocabulary, and acquire a basic understanding of the past tenses (the passé composé and imparfait).

Students with one semester of college French.

Students with one or two years of high school French..

French 2010
(Intermediate French I)
French 2010 is a continuation and expansion of concepts studied in first year French. It covers present tense irregular verbs, personal pronouns, basic relative pronouns, reflexive verbs and completes the study of the passé composé; students learn vocabulary related to food, health, technology and city living.

Students with one year of college French.

Students with two years of high school French.

French 2020
(Intermediate French II)
French 2020 continues the review and expansion of first year French concepts begun in French 2010. Students continue to learn vocabulary. They deepen their understanding of the future tense and conditional mood and the subjunctive; they review all the personal pronouns and learn about them in depth.

Students with 1 and 1/2 years of college French.

Students with 3 years of high school French.

If you feel you have had a rigorous high school program and are conversant in the tenses and moods mentioned above, or have spent a considerable amount of time living in a French speaking country, or with any other questions, please email or for advising or with questions.