French Program Alumni

Meaghan Cottam

"My name is Meaghan, I'm 25 years old and am a senior majoring in French. My freshman year in college I was a declared biology major but realized three years into this program that I would not be happy in the field of biology. I needed to study what I loved! I took some time off of school to support my little family and in 2007 I was hired full time as the Administrative Assistant in the Registrar's Office at SUU. As a staff member I was able to take courses as professional development so I started with just one French class, just for fun! There is a saying at SUU that this institution provides "private school attention at public school prices," and this was exactly what I experienced. The teachers, Rosa and Elise, really do care about their students, they are encouraging, intelligent and patient. The professors are what kept me working on my B.A. in French. I plan on finishing my degree and teaching French in high school. I just hope that I can be as successful of a teacher as they are, making a difference in the lives of my students."

- Meaghan Cottam

Jacob Thompson

"Why study French? The reason that I decided to study it is because I love people. I had already begun my studies in Spanish and I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of different views and lifestyles. French has shown me that. I am Jacob Thompson, a 21-year-old senior from Fillmore Utah, a country boy from Hickville. I first got a taste of French when my sister studied it in high school. We would fight over which was better Spanish or French. I decided then that I hated French culture, people, and even their food. Because I took a French class for fun, I realized that I could not give this up. I remember sitting in class the third day of school. "There is no way that I could live without French in my life." I thought to myself. That is why I made it my Major! Even though my future is uncertain, I plan to go live in France for a time. I might either teach French later on in life or I might decide to be a translator. I love speaking, reading, writing, and listening to others in French. It's the best feeling in the world. Nothing tops it! Nothing!"

- Jacob Thompson

Zack Olsen

"My name is Zack Olsen and I am from Kaysville, Utah. I am 23 years old and am married to Bailey Olsen. My interest in French is stemmed from my serving an LDS Mission to Montréal Québec. After coming home from my mission I had a great desire to continue my learning in French. I have absolutely loved acquiring a better understanding and knowledge of French. I will be receiving a minor in French and am majoring in Accounting, and I hope to be able to use my French in the business world. "

- Zack Olsen

“I study French because I've always wanted to travel. I think the language is beautiful and I decided to continue with it because the program is awesome. My dream job is to work for the government or some big company. I want to live out of the country or get to travel all the time with work- French is the perfect option for me!”

- Breanna Tuttle

"I have always loved the French language, and to actually be able to learn and express myself in the language is one of the best feelings in the world. I really enjoy having teachers and fellow students who share my love of French. The classes really challenge you not only to learn the French language, but to interact, speak, and enjoy the language."

- Chelsea King