Place a Library Item on Reserve

We encourage SUU faculty members to request items for the Library Course Reserves collection.

Why place an item on reserve?

Placing items on reserve increases access for students. Students can check out reserve items for free, saving them the cost of buying expensive textbooks!

Faculty can place their own copies of items on reserve at the Library, or request that a Library copy be placed on reserve.

How do I place an item on reserve?

You can put an item on reserve by filling out the online formPlease allow two working days for us to process requests!

Once we've confirmed that your item has been put on reserve, you can let your students know that they can check out the item at the Check Out Desk. Please tell students that they are required to have their valid SUU student ID to check out reserve items.

Call the Sherratt Library Check Out Desk at 435-865-8240 if you have any further questions.