Math Faculty Specialties and Research Interests

Photo: Professor Eric Freden with a research group
  • Seth Armstrong: elliptic partial differential equations, numerical analysis of partial differential equations
  • Said Bahi: operations research
  • Jim Brandt:  history of mathematics, mathematics education
  • Rick Brown: data science, applied statistics, Bayesian
    inverse problems
  • Sarah Duffin:  numerical solutions to partial differential equations
  • Eric Freden: geometric, combinatorial, and computational group theory
  • Jianlong Han: nonlinear partial differential equations, dynamic systems, numerical solutions to partial differential equations, phase transitions
  • Derek Hein: combinatorics: design theory and graph theory
  • Jana Lunt: investigating how teachers' mathematical understanding influences students' mathematical understanding
  • Mark Meilstrup:  topology and geometric group theory
  • Andrew Misseldine:  abstract algebra, finite group theory, rings and associative algebras, representation theory, and algebraic combinatorics
  • Gretchen Meilstrup: algebraic geometry, tropical algebraic geometry, and undergraduate mathematics education
  • Emma Turner:  finite group theory, representation theory
  • Andreas Weingartner:  number theory, actuarial mathematics