Dual Enrollment Program Helps Theatre Major Graduate Early

Published: January 29, 2020 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 2 minutes

Tiffany CannonThe fall 2019 semester marked the official start of the dual enrollment partnership between Southern Utah University and Southwest Technical College (STECH). This program, the first of its kind in the nation, gives students the opportunity to take certain classes and earn simultaneous credit from both institutions at no additional cost.

One of the first students to participate in the dual enrollment program, theatre arts major Tiffany Cannon, graduated from SUU in fall of 2019. Cannon decided to take welding classes at STECH to supplement to her degree, as she is planning to pursue carpentry and technical direction. 

“I chose to add welding because my theatre program did not have a welding class,” Cannon said. “In theatre we use steel quite often because of the force that it can withstand and the low profile it has. I knew the direction I was going in I needed to know more, so when my advisor brought up the early stages of the dual enrollment program with STECH, we went through and got me signed up.” 

Cannon was able to apply several of the welding techniques she learned at STECH to the theatre projects she was working on at SUU. 

“The dual enrollment program helped me become a more well-rounded technician,” Cannon said. “I think it’s a great program and more students should take advantage of it. I was able to further my knowledge and help strengthen my career by being part of the program.” 

Cannon was able to take a full load of courses from SUU in addition to welding courses at STECH. Because she was one of the first students participating in dual enrollment, the theatre department gifted her a scholarship. This arrangement helped Cannon earn the credits she needed to graduate early, and ultimately save money. 

“Tiffany Cannon is an intelligent, industrious and talented artist whose ability is demonstrated in every weld composed and perfected,” said Jim Riley, STECH welding instructor. 

Tiffany Cannon Set Design

For students at SUU, the dual enrollment program allows them to enroll at STECH and earn SUU credit while paying the significantly lower tuition rate at the technical college. STECH certificate-seeking students can also earn SUU credits through dual enrollment, saving them time and money if they decide to continue their education at the university. 

Course equivalents in the areas of accounting, agriculture, business, culinary arts, computer science & information technology, digital media, general technology, health professions, manufacturing, and transportation are available for both SUU students and STECH students. 

Learn more about the dual enrollment program.

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