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Southern Utah University and BYU-Pathway Worldwide have partnered to offer students access to high-quality, low-cost, educational opportunities. 

SUU understands that different people have different needs, as such, SUU has created learning opportunities for almost any type of student, in any situation. Students can complete our $75 per-credit Bachelor of General Studies Online degree, one of 16 undergraduate online majors, or attend one of our 140+ on-campus programs.

Speedway/BGS Program Highlights

  • $75 per credit, offered only in this program
  • 40+ available courses from multiple disciplines
  • Courses taught in a 7-week online format so you can focus on just one or two classes at a time
  • Program is designed to be super flexible so you can balance your career, family, health, and social life
  • You will receive a graduation plan after meeting with an academic advisor. You will know every class you have to take from the beginning.
  • No Cost to Apply
Speedway/BGS Program Highlights

Online Degrees at SUU

Our 100 percent online degrees are designed to provide the flexibility you need and the affordability you want. Accelerate your path to professional achievement by choosing the online degree that’s right for you.

The Finish Line Scholarship

Get up to 100% tuition funding for four semesters on us!*


The following are key requirements for the Finish Line Scholarship. Applicants wishing to review the Finish Line Scholarship Procedures are encouraged to email the Finish Line Coordinator at or call in at  435-865-8665.
  • Students seeking to receive the Finish Line Scholarship must do the following: Apply for the Scholarship, Apply to SUU, and Apply for the FAFSA.
  • Finish Line Scholarship eligibility is determined by your Pell Grant eligibility. 
  • The Finish Line Scholarship is open to students who are new transfer students or returning SUU students who haven't taken classes at SUU in the last year. 
  • Students must be completing their first bachelor's degree. Finish Line funds cannot be used for graduate degrees or second undergraduate degrees.
  • In order to receive this scholarship, Utah Legislation requires that you verify your citizenship. You can do so by completing a FAFSA, submitting a Citizenship Verification Form, or a copy of your birth certificate.
  • The Finish Line Scholarship cannot be stacked with institutional scholarships from SUU. 
  • Admission to SUU does not guarantee eligibility for the Finish Line Scholarship Program. 
  • You must enroll in at least 12 credits of online or on-campus courses each semester.
  • You cannot have attended SUU within the past year. 
  • Those not eligible for the Finish Line Scholarship will be considered for a $1500 per semester scholarship for up to four semesters. 
  • Students in the RN to BSN and BGSO accelerated programs do not qualify for the Finish Line Scholarship.

How the Finish Line Scholarship works infographic

The Finish Line Scholarship works by combining gift aid (Pell Grants) from federal sources with SUU scholarship dollars. This will help fund Utah resident tuition for up to four semesters. Those not eligible for the Finish Line Scholarship will be considered for a $1500 per semester scholarship for up to four semesters.

Student fees, course fees, study abroad program fees, books, housing, and other educational expenses are not covered as a part of the program.

Start Your Journey With the Finish Line Scholarship

Students wishing to continue in the Finish Line Scholarship must meet the criteria below:

    • You must maintain a cumulative SUU GPA of 2.0 and pass at least 70% of your attempted SUU credits.
    • You are not required to take summer courses as part of the Finish Line Scholarship, but if you choose to attend the summer semester you must take at least 12 credits to be eligible for the Finish Line Scholarship in that semester.
    • This scholarship can be applied for a maximum of four consecutive semesters. Students wishing to take a leave of absence (one or more semesters off) must submit a leave of absence request for review.
    • In order to receive up to full tuition funding, you must remain Federal Pell Grant eligible.
    • Students who do not meet the requirements to renew their scholarship will be ineligible to continue receiving it. Students in this situation are welcome to appeal this decision through the scholarship appeal form

Apply for Finish Line

*BGS Online & Graduate students do not qualify for this scholarship

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