Online Purchase Requisition Guide

Log onto:

Open: Banner Self Serve

Enter your:
User ID: which is your T number (ex. T0000XXXX)
Pin Number: (XXXXXX)

Enter Login.

Enter Finance.

Enter Requisitions.


  1. At this time we are not using the template box.
  2. Transaction date fills in automatically
  3. Delivery date fills in automatically.
  4. Go to bottom of page to find Vendor ID.
  5. Hit down arrow and scroll down and highlight the vendor you are looking for.
  6. Title Criteria: Type in the first word of the vendor (case sensitive) then put a percent sign % right after the word.
  7. Hit: Execute Query. This will take you back to the top of the page, with the code lookup results. Find the one you need and type or copy and paste the "T" number (next to the vendor name) in the # 4) vendor ID box.
  8. Hit: Vendor Validate-this should bring up the address type.
  9. Vendor Name and Vendor Address. 
    *If you get a message with a RED STOP SIGN, this means the address is not valid. You will need to take out the Vendor ID number and go to Document Text.
  10. Hit: Document Text. This will bring up Document/Commodity Text. In the box, input Document Text, No Print Type, the vendor you want with all the vendor information including: address, phone number and contact person. Then it Save. 

    This lets the purchasing office know which vendor you wish to use.

    Also in the Document Text box is where you type any information you need on the PO. If you want it to print, use the "Print" space, or if you don't want it to print use the "No Print" space. *Remember to SAVE any detail.*
  11. Comments: This is where you type what kind of PO you need: Standing, Check With, Confirmation, etc. (See Purchase Order Types for more details about specific PO types.)
  12. Commodity Description: This is where you type a detailed description of the items requested. (Part Numbers, color, model, manufacture names, quote numbers or any other information which allows the vendors to correctly supply your goods.
  13. You may hit the number next to the description for more lines if you need more typing space.
  14. Unit of Measurement:  Hit down arrow for the correct unit of measurement (ea, lot, ctn, rol, etc.)
  15. Quantity: List the quantity of each item requested.
  16. Unit Price: Cost of item.
  17. Commodity Validate: Hit this to validate. It will take you back to the top of the page.
  18. Calculated Commodity Amounts: These automatically fill in after step 17 has been completed.
  19. Dollars or Percent: If you are using ONE index hit "percent". If you are using two indexes hit "dollar."
  20. Chart: Always use "T"
  21. Index: Input Index Number.  If index is not known, follow step 23.
  22. Validate: Hit "Validate.  Once again, it will take you to the top of the page.  After validating the Fund, Org, and Program will fill in. If you get a RED STOP SIGN after hitting "validate", then follow step 24 to find account number.
  23. Fund, Orgn, Program: If you do not know the Index number you may type the Fund, Orgn and Program in separately.  Now hit Validate (Step 22) This will take you once again to the top of the page. 
  24. Account: To find account number, go to the bottom of the page. Step 5 (Type) hit down arrow and highlight correct account. In Title Criteria, (Step 6): type the first word of description of what you are buying (Ex. Supplies, service, repairs, software, equipment, rental, etc.) with a % right after the word. Remember it is case sensitive.

    *Now execute query.  It will take you back to the top of the page. Find which code lookup result you want and type the account code (4 digits) into the Account Space. (#24).
  25. Activity: If you know this, type it in here.  If not, don't worry about it.
  26. Location: If you know this, type it in here.  If not, don't worry about it.
  27. Accounting: You type 100 if using percent.  If using dollars, type the amount.

    Now Validate. (Step 22) Again, this will take you to the top of the page. The screen will now tell you if everything was entered in correct. If there are errors, then fix them and validate once more (Step 22) and hit complete (Step 28).
  28. Complete: If everything was entered in correct you may now go do the bottom of the page and hit "Complete". This will take you to the top of the page and assign a Requisition Number.

    *Make sure to write down the Requisition Number if you want to print.*