Types of Purchase Orders 

Regular Purchase Orders

  • Used for purchases requiring Terms & Conditions (represents a contract) 
  • Will initiate production/shipment of goods or reserve services when the Purchasing Office forwards a copy to the vendor
  • Closes once all line items (goods or services) have been received by the university
  • Allow for two business days after submission of the requisition and supporting documents for approvals and processing

Standing Purchase Orders

  • Used when multiple invoices will be sent for one Purchase Order
  • Cannot exceed $5,000 (state contract is an exception)
  • Duration of 1 year maximum, must be renewed every FY with a new requisition
  • Requesting department will establish invoicing terms with the vendor
  • Can be decreased or increased during the year to accommodate department/vendor needs by contacting the Purchasing Office

PO Subtypes: Determine how a PO is processed.

Indicate if a PO falls under one of the below subtypes by using the "Document Text" option when completing a requisition. If this information is not included, the requisition will be canceled by the Purchasing Office and the department will need to resubmit for approval.

Sole Source

Justified based on:
  • Compatibility of equipment/service
  • Equipment/service is only available from a single supplier in the U.S.
  • Compatibility of professional services 
  • Signed Sole Source Request & Justification Form must be included with the supporting documents

Check with Order

Used if:
  • A prepayment or up to 50% deposit is required (deposit must be identified as an individual line item)
  • Service contract continuation is required
  • Vendor does not accept credit card payments

UT State Contract https://statecontracts.utah.gov/Home/Search

  • Vendors are assigned a contract number that secures contract pricing agreed upon with the state of Utah
  • Number is provided by the State Contracted Vendor or the Purchasing Office (must include the number in the Document Text)
  • Expedites procurement for orders that exceed the SUU bid thresholds
  • Department is responsible for verifying that the quote reflects contract pricing

SUU Bid Number

  • Provided by the Purchasing Office after the department initiates a Bid Request
  • Must include the Bid number in the Document Text