Purchase Requisitions


The Purchase Requisition is used by a department to instruct the Purchasing Office to acquire needed goods and services. The requisition shall be used where the campus Purchasing Card can not be used either due to the vendor not accepting the card or when the dollar amount exceeds transaction limits. No purchase can be made until the requisition is completed and sent to Purchasing. Once a Purchase Order (P.O.) number is assigned to the requisition, at that time can the order be actually placed. Listed below is a detailed explanation of the instructions required to complete the requisition.

See example Purchase Requisition form for reference numbers (pdf)


  1. List current date
  2. List your department name
  3. Confirmation Order - if you or someone in your department wishes to place this order rather than have Purchasing either call or mail the P.O. to the vendor, check this box. You will receive the P.O. number from Purchasing and it will be your responsibility that the vendor is given the order. Important - Purchasing will not send a hard copy of the P.O. to the vendor, unless requested.
  4. Check with Order - if a vendor requires payment to be included with the P.O., check this box. Also to be used for partial payments but explanation of details must be included in the body of the requisition. Note - as a rule, we do not like to send payment before we receive the goods or materials so please avoid this if possible. For conference registrations, subscriptions, and other similar purchases, it is not uncommon for those vendors to require payment when the order is placed.
  5. Name of person goods will be delivered to
  6. E-mail of person who keeps track of FOAPOL or Index account.
  7. Capital or Current - indicate here out of which sub-code you desire to have this purchase to be taken from. Generally, most purchases are to be taken from the current sub-code (7000)  ACCT except when an item's individual cost exceeds the capital limit. Please contact any Purchasing employee for more information.
  8. P.O. number assigned by the Purchasing Office
  9. Index/Fund - departmental FOAPOL to be used for this purchase. The current financial system allows for up to 4 accounts to be used for each requisition.
  10. List quantity for each item requested.
  11. Unit of Measure - if known, indicate box, or cartons, or tons, or each, or however the item is sold.
  12. A detailed description of the items requested. This must include part numbers, colors, models, manufacturer names, quote numbers, and any other information which allows the vendors to correctly supply your goods.
  13. If you have already have a price that you received from either a vendor or through the Purchasing Office, list it here.
  14. Per line item, the extended total amounts (qty. x u/p)
  15. Proposed Vendor - List a possible source, if known, for this purchase. This again is a "proposed" source and the Purchasing Office may and will change this vendor if they determine that a better source is available.
  16. Signature of requestor
  17. Signature(s) of account managers - Important, with their signature, these managers are verifying that sufficient funds are available within the accounts referenced. This is the single greatest cause for orders to be delayed. Those requisitions that reference accounts with insufficient funds will be returned to the department.
  18. If required, additional signatures.
  19. Signature of purchasing employee who assigned the P.O. number.