SUU Amazon Business Prime

  • Effective Date October 09, 2019
  • SUU Amazon Business Prime Membership FAQ
  • SUU Amazon Business Account Registration
  • Use of the SUU centralized account is subject to all SUU policies and procedures
  • It is unlawful and a violation of University policy to make personal purchases using SUU's tax exempt status
  • P-cards are the only authorized method of payment on the SUU centralized account
  • Per University Email Policy 5.58, departmental emails are not to be used for personal use

Business Customer Support


Common Support Questions

Contact Business Customer Support:

  • Provides end users the option to call, email, or live chat. Please use this method of contact for anything relating to an order, transaction, charge, or shipment.

Cancel an Individual Prime Membership:

  • Your Account > Manage My Prime Membership > End Membership
  • The end user must follow the steps to receive a pro-rated refund

Request a Tax Exemption Refund:

  • Your Orders > Locate Order > Contact Seller > Request refund through email
  • Additional tax queries can be emailed to

How-To Videos

Video: Add an individual to your Amazon Business account 

Video: Adding users in bulk

Video: Removing an individual from your Amazon Business account 

Video: Download a list of people with their invitation status 

Video: Bulk ordering tool 

Video: Download a 12 month order report 

Video: Enable enhanced data on p-card transactions 

Video: Setting up an approvals workflow 

Video: Block sellers not participating in our tax exemption program 

Video: Request a discount

Video: Adding policies around debarred sellers and sellers not participating in tax exemption 

The Amazon Business Customer Service team can be reached Monday through Sunday from 8am to 12am Eastern time at (888) 281-3847 or at