Responsibilities and Functions of the Dean of the College of Performing & Visual Arts*

So what exactly does the Dean do? Listed below are the eleven major areas of responsibility for the Dean. In the case of the Dean of College of Performing and Visual Arts (CPVA) there are specific responsibilities unique to the college.

  1. Develop, administer, and promote the academic programs and academic support functions of the college including international programs;
  2. Develop recommendations for the nomination, retention, promotion, tenure, and compensation of faculty, department chairs, and staff members in departments and units assigned to the college
  3. Extend offers for employment or initiate a dismissal within the college in consultation with the chairs, provost and legal counsel;
  4. Coordinate and promote academic proposals, changes, reviews, and other academic matters with the other deans of the university, and other institutions and groups;
  5. Coordinate the departments and programs within the college including working with the CPVA affiliate organizations: the Ballroom Dance Company and the Utah Shakespeare Festival (USF)
  6. Develop and coordinate educational policies, planning functions and physical facilities planning and utilization of the college;
  7. Provide leadership, conduct and implement strategic planning;
  8. Develop external relationships for the purposes of (1) enhancing student placement opportunities; (2) providing meaningful community outreach opportunities for students and faculty; and (3) work with Advancement Office cultivating additional fundraising opportunities for CPVA and the University, (4) work with the CPVA National Advisory Board to extend the college’s impact nationally, and (5) work with Alumni Office and CPVA faculty and staff in developing and maintaining an alumni relations program.
  9. Responsible for managing and monitoring college budgets, allocate and provide oversight of department budgets and program fees, as well as the Southern Utah Museum of Art and Ballroom Dance Company and coordinate financial arrangements for CPVA relative to USF.
  10. Supervise marketing and public relations and recruitment activities of the College. Provide oversight and coordination of the college’s website as well as the SUU Arts webpage for CPVA.

*Source: SUU policy 6.2 with specific additions for the CPVA