In partnership with SUU Facilities, the Outdoor Engagement Center hosts SUU’s recycling program. Our goal is to keep the recycling habit going for those who recycle. Please thank our recycling assistants for their consistent work. Please use the recycle bins located in department offices to recycle paper, cardboard, and plastics. Our recycling assistants take this recycling to the compactor where SUU then trucks the recycling to Washington County’s transfer station.

In order to expand recycling, get involved with city and county government to build Iron County’s infrastructure for recycling. Use Cedar City’s Recyclops for your personal recycling. 

Sustainable Practices


You can try these sustainable lifestyle practices:

  • Reduce: use less
  • Reuse: to put an item into action or service again
  • Recycle: to use an item then make something else with it
  • Respect: treat with consideration
  • Refuse: to avoid products that are not sustainable
  • Rethink: to think of a different way to use an item or materials
  • Repair: to fix something instead of replace it


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