Staff Awards

This award is given to a staff member who has built community across disciplines, departments, and divisions on campus and has contributed to cultivating a positive campus culture for employees and students.

This award recognizes a staff member who has excelled at mentoring others (colleagues and/or students) in achieving their career objectives through moral, social, and intellectual support.

Given to one classified and one professional staff member. Each year the Staff Association recognizes and honors two outstanding staff employees. These awards recognize the recipients' career in university service and their dedication to the institution.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. Possesses extraordinary enthusiasm for his/her job
  2. Demonstrates a sincere interest in students, faculty and staff
  3. Must have demonstrable current knowledge in their related employment and exhibit a high level of professionalism
  4. Works well with fellow employees and demonstrates a sincere interest in all areas of the campus
  5. A minimum of three years contracted employment at SUU required
  6. Recipients of this award are not eligible to receive it again for three years. 

This individual supports the DEI Strategic Plan by engaging in meaningful and intentional programs and/or services that address and bring awareness to diversity, equity and inclusion issues in higher education which help to improve campus climate (what it "feels" like to live and work on our campus).

This award recognizes a staff member who has gone above and beyond their job duties to improve operational processes and/or establish initiatives that support SUU's strategic goals.

Recipients of the Personality of the Year Award are campus characters that are remarkably funny, uncommonly kind, and a little quirky. These unique students make campus life exciting and fun, and they use their enthusiasm, optimism, and humor to lighten a situation or encourage a friend with a simple smile and impeccable timing.
The University Department Award is presented to one department, unit, or office on campus recognizing their outstanding contributions to the university and a commitment to the students of SUU.

The lifetime achievement award is given to a faculty or staff member who has excelled academically or professionally as well as demonstrated outstanding leadership ability and service to the institution during their career at SUU.

This award is intended to formally recognize the outstanding achievements of faculty and staff at SUU with a particular emphasis in teaching, scholarship, administration, innovation, and public service. The recipient is honored by a Certificate of Excellence presented by the Board of Trustees at a designated event in late spring, along with a cash award.

The award criteria for staff members will be quality service according to the staff member’s responsibilities, innovative practices, and other service to the university or the community.

The President's office may follow up with the nominator and nominee to gather additional information in order to provide the Trustees with sufficient material to make their decision. The nominator and/or nominee may submit information beyond what is specifically requested, but it is not expected.

A $2,500 award will be provided to each of the winners in the faculty and staff categories. We hope you will consider nominating candidates who have excelled in serving our students and the university.

The award criteria for staff members will be quality service according to the staff member’s responsibilities, innovative practices, and other service to the university or the community.

Staff Award Past Recipients

  Classified Staff Professional Staff
2021-22 Sheri Butler Rob McCollum
2020-21 Joni Edgel Eric M. Kirby
2019-20 Alison Adams DeNean Peterson
2018-19 Shane Flanigan Marsha Rowley
2017-18 Kaylynn Jensen Brian Fullerton
2016-17 Mike Smith Daniel Bishoff
2015-16 Dan Camp Brandon Armstrong
2014-15 Dallas Jones Josh Foremaster
2013-14 Quinn Mathews James Matthews
2012-13 Patrick Terrones Dale Orton
2011-12 Ross Murdock Paula Mitchell
2010-11 Mike Humes Lee Byers
2009-10 Clarisse Lunt Ben Johnson
2008-09 Jennifer Hunter Bruce Barclay
2007-08 Andrea Masterson Glen Pryor
2006-07 Kristina Stevenson Pamela Branin
2005-06 Dianne Werber Blaine Edwards
Dates Staff Faculty
2022 Stephen Lisonbee - Regional Services Rheana Gardner-Reeves - Photography
2021 Heather Ogden - Dean of Students William Heyborne - Biology
2020 Scotty Bauman - Women's Gymnastics Tyler F. Stillman - Marketing
2019 Christine Proctor -Admissions Processing Grant Corser - Hum & Soc Sciences
2018 Jayci Bash - Honors Program Jacqualine Grant - Biology
2017 Reece Summers - SUMA Matthew Nickerson - Library
2016 Eric Kirby - Student Services Emily Dean - Anthropology
2015 Andrea Stiefvater - ESL Todd Petersen - EDGE
2014 Paula Alger - Business Xun Sun - Music
2013 Eric Houle - Track & Field David Berri - Economics
2012 Peter Sham - Theatre Arts
2011 James Aton - English
Scott Carlile
Heather Garcia
Katya Konkle
Michael Humes
Teresa Andrews
Lance D. Jackson
Brad Niederhauser
Cindy Moxley
Annette Murray
Brad Brown
Mary Jo Anderson
Ron Cardon
Lynn Price
Kristin Wiggins
Eli Smith
Jill Whitaker
Tammi Miller
Bryce Caine
Barbara Rodriguez
Dallas Jones
Linda Liebhardt
Tiger Funk
Rudia Heddings
John Shafer
Paula Alger
Travis Rosenberg
Sheri Butler
Neuman Duncan
Stacia Thomas
Casey Bowns
Rossina Felstead
Timothy Roy
Lea Decker
Randy Humphries
Brent Felix
Patricia Gardner
Jeanette Ormond
Matt Vandenberghe
Jean Huntsman
Matt Zufelt
Pauline Bulloch
Eric Tait
Beverly Anderson
Wes Brinkerhoff
Marva Middleton
Marlon Steele
James M. Crouch
Jeanette R. Slack
Lois L. Bulloch
Kirt Bussio
Ruth Challis
Gordon Slack
Luann L. Briggs
Chris Gale
Harman Bonniksen
Marlynn Smith
Daphne Dalley
Cal Rollins
VaLynne Nicholes
Dan McClanahan
Gary Dunford
Betty Kingsford
Dale Orton
Peg Thorley
Sheila Johnson
R. Scott Phillips
Eva Deen Milne
Nolan Truman
Mary Leone Foley
Lorraine Warren
Maxine Stolk
Sandy Gillies
Zelma Alger
Bessie Dover
Ken Benson
Jean Morrison
Ward Robb
Shirley Cowan