SocratesWelcome to the Utah Lyceum

Welcome to the Utah Lyceum! The Lyceum for a free five-day non-residential summer camp dedicated to introducing students to the study of philosophy before college. We believe that the study of logic, critical thinking, philosophy are too important to wait for college, so we do everything we can to make instruction in philosophy to all Cedar City area middle and high school students. Housed in the department of Languages and Philosophy at Southern Utah University, and organized by the professors in the philosophy program, each summer we introduce students to big questions in the core areas of philosophy through the exploration of different themes. Each year we offer different themes, so students are welcome to join us year after year to help sharpen their question posing and problem solving.

Help Support the Utah Lyceum Fund

The Utah Lyceum faculty firmly believe that there are already too many obstacles students face when looking to get an education, which is why the Lyceum is always free of charge to students. To ensure that we can continue to provide a high-quality experience, help students build their philosophical libraries, and sharpen their critical reasoning skills, please give to the Utah Lyceum Fund. Your donation goes to creating a unique educational experience for area high school students.

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We would like to thank the following for their support in helping us get the Utah Lyceum up and running:

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