2016 Utah Lyceum

Utah Lyceum 2016 class photo
SUU's General Classroom Building room 110. We had 17 students in total (11 pictured above).

The 2016 Utah Lyceum ran from June 7th-11th

Time Tuesday (6.7) Wednesday(6.8) Thursday(6.9) Friday (6.10) Saturday (6.11)
10-10:55 What is Philosophy? w/ Prof. Phillips Formal Logic: Exercises (F) Formal Logic: Forms (P) Formal Logic: Exercises (F) Reflections on the week
11-11:55 What is Philosophy? w/ Prof. Fitzpatrick Hume (P) EPM Sec. 1,2 Methods for Ethical Inquiry Plato: Crito & Phaedo (F) Hume (P) EPM Sec. 7,8,9 Sentimentalism Student Presentations
Lunch 12-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:20 Intro to Formal Logic: Arguments and Soundness (P) Plato: Apology (F) Hume (P) EPM Sec. 3,5 Utility Plato: Phaedo (F) Student Presentations
1:25-2:00 Informal Logic: Arguments and Cogency (F) Informal Logic: Fallacies of Relevance (P) Informal Logic: Fallacies of Weak Induction (F) Informal Logic: Fallacies of Presumption (P) Student Presentations/Wrap up
Student presenting from phone
Phaedo Book
Student presenting

Student writing information on whiteboard

Kristopher teaching

Philosophy books