Utah Lyceum Testimonials

What do you think was the best part of the Lyceum?

  • It was very interesting and informative without being boring. The discussions we had about all the topics were really enjoyable, and exposed many of the flaws in my own reasoning. I could tell how much the lyceum was catered towards the students' enjoyment, which makes a big difference. - Chelsea ('21)
  • People have those "aww" moments, or light bulb moments. I had about 1000 of those during this camp! It was awesome! - Andrew ('17)
  • I liked all of it. However, if I had to pick I would say reading Aristotle - Dru ('17)
  • I enjoyed the intro & history parts. I like the Action Philosophers book, learning important people. - Lauren ('17)
  • Just making all these topics something I understood and could talk about, because previously I just avoided it because I didn't know a lot about it. - Eliza ('17)
  • Discussing the literature with the professors and other students - Kaleigh ('16)
  • The great discussions we shared - unsigned ('16)
  • Learning to think logically, identifying fallacies, learning to reason and Plato - unsigned ('16)
  • Reading Plato and Learning about Argument - Gracia ('16)
  • Having fun conversations with intelligent people!! - Ruth ('16)
  • I liked all of it, however I mostly liked learning logic - Dru ('16)
  • All of it! - Emilio ('16)
  • I really enjoyed talking about arguments and debates. Lunch was delicious as well. - Addi ('16)

How can we improve the Lyceum?

  • If you could make more Lyceums in different locations, that'd be awesome. - Lily ('17)
  • I don't know, It's great right now. - unsigned ('17)
  • Longer? - Lauren ('17)
  • Make it longer. - Dru ('17)
  • Make it longer! Like, 3 weeks! - Andrew ('17)
  • Make it all summer long, lol. Give me more!!! - Kaleigh ('16)
  • Make it longer and have more readings - unsigned ('16)
  • It was pretty great actually. Also, make it longer so we could cover more texts. More logic would be cool too. - unsigned ('16)
  • Make it longer - unsigned ('16)
  • Make it longer - Gracia ('16)
  • I think it would be awesome if it was longer - unsigned ('16)
  • Make it longer than a week - Dru ('16)

Responses come from prior participants of the Utah Lyceum.