project archaeology. investigating the basin house. A curriculum guide for grades 3 through 5

Western Colorado Archaeology Teacher Institute

  • This workshop was held June 21-24, 2022 - Museum of the West, Grand Junction, CO

This course immerses participants in the Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter and Rock Art curriculum guides, designed to improve social studies, science, and language arts skills through the investigation of real data from archaeological sites in Colorado.

Professional Archaeology Educators will model the lessons from the award-winning, NCSS endorsed curriculum. Highlights of the course include an experiential learning trip to archaeological sites in McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area, meaningful discussions with Ute Elder, Betsy Chapoose, and Museums 101 at Museum of the West with museum educator, Candice Cravens.

Teachers that attend this workshop will leave fully equipped to share their life-changing experience and cross-curricular lesson plans with their students. They will be able to transform their classroom into a community of student archaeologists who ask questions, make observations, support their inferences with evidence, analyze primary sources, understand and appreciate diversity and culture, and become caring citizens and stewards. This is a shorter version of the NEH Landmarks workshop “Voices of the Ancients.”

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Sponsored by the Institute for Heritage Education, Southern Utah University, and the Bureau of Land Management.

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