Web Page Requirements

This page outlines the Web page requirements for the following SUU units:
Colleges, schools, departments, divisions, administrative offices, and committees.

1. Title

Every page must have a public title. Titles are the main text in Google search results, so they must be accurate and helpful in identifying what the page is about. Examples:

  • Home | Admissions Office | SUU
  • Contact Us | Financial Aid | SUU
  • Staff Directory | Controller's Office | SUU

The title will automatically have the department and " | SUU" appended to whatever is entered into the title field in Cascade.

2. Description

Every page must have a public description in the description field. The description is what appears in Google search results and it is used to help with placement in search results, so make sure it accurately describes the page and contains keywords. Don't just copy the title. Examples:

  • Requirements for public SUU web pages, as set forth by Web Services.
  • Learn more about the history of Southern Utah University, Old Sorrel and the building of Old Main.

3. Accessibility Law

Because SUU is a public university, all web pages must be compliant with the WCAG accessibility standards. This means that some types of content (such as infographics and flash-based media) are not allowed without special considerations.

  • Put alt text on all of your site's images. The alt text should describe what the image contains so that someone who can't see the image will still receive the same information as someone who can.
  • If your image has too much information to fit comfortably in the alt text, it shouldn't be an image. Put the information in your page content instead.
  • Do not use "click here" or "available here" or "read more" as link text. Links should make sense even without needing the surrounding text.
  • Do not put URLs directly into page content. Use proper link text.

Web Services will work with department liaisons to make sure site content is accessible to everyone. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

4. Standard Template

Every page must have the standard SUU banner at the top of the page and the standard SUU footer at the bottom. Every page must also have a consistent appearance for links, buttons, navigation, and every other standard page element.

SUU Websites Outside of suu.edu

Please discuss your site's needs with us before creating an external site. There are additional rules and expectations to follow when creating an external site for official university resources. In particular, your domain needs to be managed by IT so that the university can recover your site if needed. Your site is expected to be professional and to follow SUU's general branding and color palette. It should also be updated regularly.

If your organization's website needs special functionality, we will work with you to determine if it can be hosted on the main SUU website.