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Lead a student study abroad program! Short-Term Programs generally take place over summer, spring, or winter breaks and are led by SUU faculty or staff (Program Directors). Summer programs range from 2-4 weeks long and offer between 3-6 course credits. Shorter 1 week programs, called Cultural Immersions, are non-credit bearing and have subsidized program costs for students. Staff members who do not teach courses may lead Cultural Immersion trips. Faculty members may lead either program type. Have an exciting idea for a program?  Faculty and staff should submit a program proposal by the provided deadlines. Prospective Program Directors should not move forward with their proposed trips until after the proposal is approved by the Advisory Board for Learning Abroad (ABLA).

Questions? Review the Program Directors' Handbook, or contact Tayah Nelson (tayahnelson@suu.edu) or Kurt Harris (harrisk@suu.edu) in ST 169 for more information. 

  • Please note that Cultural Immersion subsidies may be limited or unavailable for the 2020-2021 school year. 

  • Faculty who are interested in proposing a program in Europe, and who need help with logistics, should consider submitting a Request for Proposal to our affiliate, CEPA. CEPA organizes custom study abroad programs in Europe, and they have provided several high-quality, low-cost programs for SUU groups in the past. Another program provider that has been used successfully is Atlas Workshops.


  • Spring and summer break programs: September 15th 

  • Winter break programs: April 15th 

Faculty/Staff Incentive Program

SUU faculty and staff who recruit students to study abroad can earn university related international travel through the Faculty/Staff Incentive to Study Abroad Program.

Program Directors' Handbook

Study Abroad Proposal 2020-2021

Cultural Immersion Proposal 2020-2021

Request to Change an Approved Proposal


Advisory Board for Learning Abroad

The following are the ABLA members in the 2020-2021 academic year:

  • Kurt Harris, Director of Learning Abroad (ABLA Chair)
  • Meagan Beesley, International Affairs Business Manager
  • Blair Bentley, Enrollment Specialist 
  • Jeb Branin, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
  • Tayah Nelson, Learning Abroad Specialist
  • Iliana Portaro, Associate Professor of Spanish 
  • Zoe Prettyman, Learning Abroad Coordinator
  • Aubrey White, Learning Abroad Student Assistant
London Harry Potter

Other International Opportunities

Faculty interested in applying for an Australia Endeavour or Fulbright fellowship should contact Dr. Kurt Harris, SUU's Campus Fulbright Representative, at harrisk@suu.edu


Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us or stop by the Office of Learning Abroad in ST 169 to get answers! 


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