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International Students

Tips for International Students Studying at SUU

(from Daniela Geier, 2006 Exchange Student)

  1. Check your apartment precisely when moving in and notify your RA about damages not mentioned on the pink sheet. Otherwise you will be charged at check-out for things you did not break!
  2. Buy books as soon as possible, since the earlier you buy, the greater the chance to get the cheaper versions of your required books
  3. Taking 12 credits (equal to 4 classes) works out perfectly if you want to study AND have some spare time
  4. Settle your bills for Housing at the beginning of the semester because monthly installments come to a higher amount
  5. Do not forget to fill out a transcript form at the registration office at the end of the semester so your final grades will be sent to your university (costs $4)
  6. Attend classes because there will be unexpected "paydays" which are part of your final grade
  7. Read your syllabus carefully for EVERY course you take because teachers have different requirements concerning attendance, additional writing assignments and tests (take-home, multiple choice, open book, free writing,....)
  8. If you have questions or problems concerning your housing situation or your apartment, always turn to the RA first. If he/she can not help you, then go to the Housing people in the Eccles Living + Learning Center
  9. When you first arrive here and you don't have a car (and don't have friend in the beginning), an easy way to get around (e.g. to Walmart) is by taking the bus. So, get a bus plan to see when the routes are scheduled. It is very cheap ( 1$ for a ride)
  10. I would not recommend buying a meal plan at the cafeteria because the food there is very fattening and sweet. Moreover, it is quite expensive. So, if you care about the quality of your food: buy it at the supermarket and cook it by yourself
  11. If you want to use a local cell provider(which is definitely cheaper than using the provider from back home) go to the T-Mobile Store (it is located next to Lynn's and the Dollar Store on the Main Street in Cedar) and buy minutes there. This is an easy and cheap way to be reachable here, and you are not forced into a contract. You can just buy minutes whenever you are in need of them
  12. Bring warm clothes because most of the time it is cold! So, be prepared and have some cozy sweaters with you. you'll need them because it can get very windy here
  13. Every semester you get a printing balance of 200 copies. This is not much. So use them wisely and don't print everything off. Otherwise, you will run out of copies and you'll need to buy some.

Outdoor Tips from a 2011 Exchange Student