Tutor Application

We hire outstanding students recommended by SUU faculty to serve as tutors. Tutors assist students with course material and may also assist students with developing effective study skills and test-taking strategies. Assistance might include clarifying and reviewing class material, working on solutions to problems, discussing the text and other reading materials, or predicting and practicing potential test questions. Tutors bring experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to learning.

We primarily serve the following subjects: Math, Chemistry, Economics, Accounting, and Physics, Biology, Engineering, and Computer Science. We tend to have a smaller need for tutors in Nutrition, Psychology, History, Foreign Language, Philosophy, FLHD, Management, Political Science, etc. See our top 10 most requested courses

Tutors assist students in the Tutoring Center (ELC 204 and ELC 105) with drop-in and pre-scheduled one-on-one tutoring. Some tutors also lead small group tutoring through Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) Groups which are primarily held in ELC 301. Students are restricted to working no more than 20 hours per week. Tutors work a consistent weekly schedule (with weekends and university holidays off).

Our main hiring season is the month before Fall and Spring semesters, but applications are accepted at other times.

We DO NOT hire tutors for English, Communication, or (only) Foreign Languages.  These courses are served by the Writing Center, Speech & Presentation Center, and the Language Labs of the Department of Languages & Philosophy.


  • Be a current SUU student
  • 3.50 or better cumulative GPA (3.75 or better preferred)
  • Earned A or A- in courses you wish to tutor (test out/skip acceptable for some lower-level courses, B+ acceptable with instructor permission)
  • Recommendation of at least two faculty members (provide names, letters not necessary)
  • Excel at working with peers in a cooperative learning environment
  • Enjoy helping others to learn
  • Strong work ethic


"Aside from the financial benefit of tutoring, I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time I did with the students I helped and the other tutors I worked with. I am proud to say that I was just accepted to three dental schools. The different leadership experiences that came from helping students at the Tutoring Center was something I talked a lot about on my application and during the interviews I had. It was a true privilege to have worked with you and the other staff in the Tutoring Center." - Carter Milne (Graduate)

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