Facilities Management

Facilities Management Customer Satisfaction Survey

Southern Utah University Facilities Management is committed to continually upgrading and improving the service that we provide to our customers. In order to more fully serve the faculty, staff, and students of Southern Utah University, Facilities Management has developed a Customer Satisfaction Survey.  Any feedback that you can give to help us improve our level of service would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Please answer the following questions:

Were you able to find and use the online Work Request form? Yes No
Was the work request completed in a prompt and timely manner? Yes No
Were the employees courteous and professional? Yes No
Were you notified of any changes in the progress of the work? Yes No
Did the completed project meet the objectives outlined in the request? Yes No
Were you satisfied with the final results? Yes No
Was the work area cleaned up after completion of the project? Yes No

Please rate the following areas: