Drafting/Mapping Services

Southern Utah University Facilities Management offers the following drafting and mapping services for campus locations.

  • Locate and map all University utilities, easements, and property boundaries
  • Assign attributes to items or areas that need specific identification
  • Collect data on campus utilizing GPS, Total Stations and Survey Grade GPS units for integration into GIS and CAD files
  • Maintain and update facility maps, drawings and records, including: utilities, building blue prints, property maps, legal descriptions, program guides, design documents, operation and maintenance manuals, specification manuals, GIS and CAD files
  • Create maps and datasets including hard copy print, and electronic deliverables for distribution
  • Assist in the design, development, collection, maintenance, analysis, presentation, delivery and archiving of space data
  • Coordinate efforts with private, local, state and federal agencies
  • Manage scanning and reproduction of blue prints
  • Perform data queries and analysis
  • Assist with space planning and inventory

For information regarding these services, contact:
Shad Beckstrand
Project Manager/GIS/CAD