Facilities Management Mission & Vision


We honor our commitment to student success by providing an exceptional learning environment and opportunities which promote excellence at SUU.


We will improve the campus experience for all that join us at SUU by delivering exceptional
facilities that are welcoming, accessible, and create a lasting impression. Facilities Management staff engage with the campus community in a professional and honorable manner, perform at the pinnacle of their abilities, and mentor students for future success.

Core Values


Honor: honesty, integrity, ethical, loyalty, character, respect, work ethic, commitment,
accountability, courtesy, cheerfulness, communication, stewardship, courage.
Mentorship: student success, education, patience, commitment, employee/staff success,
opportunity, inspiration.
Culture: self-motivation, pride, ownership, innovation, creativity, initiative, assertiveness,
expertise, inclusion, motivation, excellence, stewardship.
Professionalism: conduct, communication, expertise, teamwork/collaboration, service-oriented, safety, goals/improvement, adaptability, quality, respect.