Moving Services/Procedures

Please schedule your move by submitting a work request at least 3 working days before the move takes place.

The following suggestions will help ensure a fast, efficient and safe moving experience.

  • You should make arrangements with the company who services your copy machine to move this sensitive item.
  • Computers should be moved by the IT department on campus and personal items, such as pictures, decorations, etc., should be moved by the owner.
  • All desks, filing cabinets & bookcase contents should be placed into boxes not to exceed 75 pounds, as most desks etc. need to be tipped on end to move thru doors.
  • Please identify with masking tape or labels each item that needs to be moved with the new location's building name & office room # or specific location.
  • It would be very helpful to have a person designated by the department at the new location for placement of furnishings, etc.
  • Once the job has begun, we would prefer to complete the move from the old location before moving any new entity into the vacated space.

Please realize that Facilities Management is not responsible for damages; however, we will be as careful as we can with your possessions.

Items that are sensitive electronically or are very fragile should be moved through other sources, such as yourself or a professional moving company.

For any questions, call (435) 865-8735.