Arts Education for Preservice Elementary Teachers

Through an endowment from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, the College of Education and Human development provides courses in arts education for preservice elementary teachers.

ELED 4000 - Creative Arts Integration in Elementary Education A creative exploration for prospective elementary teachers who have completed two of the following (ART 3900/MUSC 3900/THEA 3900) to develop an arts enriched curriculum through integration. Designing practical lessons tied to other subjects is paramount to this course.

ECED 2930 - Child Development and the Arts: K-3 Focuses on teaching strategies specific to the developmental needs of children from age four through eight that encourage children’s aesthetic development, physical abilities, and self-esteem through meaningful, integrated learning experiences in art, music, movement/dance, and drama.

Utah State Board of Education Elementary Fine Arts Endorsements

You may use the retiring application or the competency-based application until June 30, 2023. After that date, the competency-based application will be the only pathway to earn an endorsement.