Sending Your Kid to College Checklist

Posted: July 07, 2017 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 1 minutes

student hugging parentAt Southern Utah University, we know that sending a child to college is an exciting milestone. As a parent, we understand that you want to make sure your student is positioned to have the very best college experience possible, and that their success is important to you.

To ensure that your child is ready to set foot on campus with confidence, we’ve compiled the following college checklist to review the summer before college. Reviewing these items with your student, and checking them off as you go, will help ensure that your student is prepared for college, and the most important details are covered.

  • My student paid the $100 enrollment fee and is eligible to register for classes.
  • My student spoke with their ACE mentor and registration is in process for the upcoming semester.
  • My student provided transcripts, final grades, AP courses, and concurrent courses to SUU.
  • My student took the Math Accuplacer, either remotely or in person
  • My student set up their SUU email - the University’s formal communication system and base for the campus emergency text alert system for notification of campus emergencies.
  • My student has secured housing for the upcoming semester.
  • I understand that SUU does not have an on-campus medical clinic. I have discussed this with my student and, and they have medical insurance.
  • My student obtained a free bicycle permit if they are bringing a bike to campus, or a parking pass if bringing a vehicle.
  • My student has signed up for free text alerts regarding campus events and activities through T-Bird Connection.
  • My student and I are following SUU social media accounts to stay in the know about happenings at SUU.
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