Parking Permits

The University only recognizes parking permits issued by Parking Services or those that have the official SUU Parking Services logo. Vehicles displaying an official ADA disabled parking permit are allowed to park in any stall (excluding services or maintenance stalls) on campus without a parking permit.

Annual Permit Prices

  • Student (Red) Permit: $35 - Allows students to park in red lots on campus.
  • Housing (Gray) Permit: $40 - For students living in on-campus housing.
  • Faculty/Staff (Blue) Permit: FREE for benefits-eligible employees; $15 for hourly staff or adjunct faculty - Allows faculty or staff to park in any blue lot on campus.
  • Motorcycle Permit: $20 - Allows anyone that wishes to park their motorcycle or scooter in any permit-required lot on campus. Motorcycles must be parked in motorcycle designated stalls.
  • Bicycle Permit: FREE - For Parking Services to be able to identify the owner or if your bike gets lost or stolen we keep your bike information on file.
  • Visitor Permit: FREE - Visitors may park for free with a visitor permit.
  • Vendor Permit: FREE - Vendor permits are issued to anyone doing business on campus.

Important Information

  • Each vehicle must properly display a valid permit from their rearview mirror if they wish to park in any red, blue, or gray lot on campus.
  • Permits are sold for the year and are valid from the first to the last day of school.
  • Replacement permits are 50% off the original permit price.
  • Registered vehicles/permit holders are eligible for one (1) free temporary pass per year that is valid for up to two (2) weeks.
  • Still have more questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Obtaining a Parking Permit

For Students, Faculty, and Staff (including Housing, Bicycle, and Motorcycle permits)

If your vehicle information or license plate changes, you may log into your parking permit screen at any time and update your vehicle information.

Permits for the 2024-2025 academic year are available for purchase after Monday, July 8.

  1. Go to the Parking Permits App within the mySUU Portal
  2. If you have not already added your vehicle, do so by selecting "Add Vehicle" and providing the requested information.
    • For bicycles, provide the serial number (usually located on the underside of the bike, below the crankshaft/pedal mechanism) in place of the license plate number.
  3. After adding your vehicle(s), select "Get Permit" and choose the appropriate permit for your vehicle/role.
  4. Select the vehicle(s) for the permit from the "Vehicles" list.
  5. Select the "Permit Year" from the list.
  6. Select the checkbox to "Accept Terms"
  7. Select "Checkout".
    • For permits other than bicycles and benefits-eligible faculty/staff: Pay for your permit by credit card or electronic check. A transaction fee will apply if paying with a credit card. Permits must be paid for before they will be issued.
  8. Pick up your permit:
    • Housing: If you have purchased your permit in advance, it will be available for pick up at the Housing Office in Eccles Living Learning Center A at check-in.
    • Faculty/Staff: At checkout, you may choose to either pick up your permit at Parking Services or to have it delivered to your office through campus mail.
    • All Other Permits: Pick up your permit from the Parking Services office.

For Vendors

Vendors must display a permit when parking on campus. Vendor permits are free. Contact Parking Services to request a vendor parking permit.