Should I Live On or Off Campus in College?

Posted: July 15, 2021 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 2 minutes

Should I live on or off campus? Deciding where to live for college can be a challenging process, especially for first-year students. Leaving the comfort of your childhood home is always an adventure, and the last thing a student should have to worry about is deciding whether to live on or off campus. Here are some pros and cons to living on and off campus during your time at Southern Utah University.

On-Campus Housing

SUU’s on-campus housing is designed to assist students in creating the best possible living situation at college. With four different on-campus housing options, SUU has a housing option for every student’s comfort level and every floor is guided by a caring Resident Assistant who will help students adjust to the college experience.

Ideal for new students, on-campus housing is structured to help students adjust to the independence of living in a college environment. All on-campus housing is located within a short walking distance from the university and on-campus housing offers unique opportunities to connect with fellow students.

For more information, visit SUU’s housing page. Note that housing fills up fast at the beginning of the year, so applicants are encouraged to apply early to secure housing opportunities.

Off-Campus Housing

Cedar City is full of fun, friendly, and safe opportunities for students looking to live off campus. While these off-campus housing opportunities are a further distance from the school, most are still within walking distance of the university and off-campus students will still have access to on-campus activities for meeting new people.

Living off-campus is a big step towards independence as the off-campus opportunities are not managed by SUU. For more information about off campus housing, visit the ‘Quick Resources’ page on SUU Housing’s website to explore your options. Be sure to connect with the landlord or management company of the off-campus property to answer any questions about specific locations.


If you are struggling to find housing at SUU, there are many resources available to help. Your ACE, the Parent and Family Services Office, and the First-Year Experience Office are here to help you. Visit the SUU Housing website for more information about finding housing in Cedar City.

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