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students walking past university housingUniversity Housing at Southern Utah University is the best place to live as an incoming student. Living in University Housing sets up first year students up for a year of success, connection, and fun. The residence halls provide the highest quality living conditions which are safe, clean, and comfortable, as well as a learning environment that promotes maturity, supports academics, and enhances personal growth.  

Here is what you should know to have the greatest On-Campus experience:

Where can I live?
University Housing offers four different living styles that allow students to choose the environment that is best for them.

  • Cedar Hall: suite-style facility that encourages a close-knit community
  • Eccles Living Learning Center: apartment-style living that fosters personal growth and community development
  • Founders Hall: apartment style living that focuses on social interaction and personal development
  • Ponderosa Terrace: more independent lifestyle with all the benefits of living on campus

Can I switch rooms?
Yes! Requests for room or hall changes may be made online at myHousing portal but this does not guarantee a room change will be approved. University housing must approve any room or hall change before any belongings are moved or keys are issued. A $50 fee is assessed for voluntary room changes. All room changes and related paperwork must be completed within 72 hours of the approval of the change, after which a pro rata rent will be charged on both rooms as per contract rates.

University Housing reserves the right to require residents to change rooms and halls with proper notice in cases of administrative need or to protect the safety, security, community integrity, and academic success of any resident or consolidation. This may or may not be done as a result of a decision through the UH Judicial Education System.

What else do I need to do for move-in?
Living in university will be a fun and crazy time so it is important that you complete all paperwork and attend all meetings related to your check in and check out from the residence halls. These meetings include, but are not limited to, an opening and closing floor meeting during each semester and a room inspection, or check-out appointment.

What about checking out?
In addition to the Housing Application and Agreement (Sections 9 and 13), your RA and University Housing will provide information in the weeks leading up to the end of each semester to assist you in completing this process properly. After making a check-out appointment, your RA will bring the correct paperwork to your appointment. You are responsible for turning this paperwork in and paying any charges incurred. Your RA will list any discrepancies between the Room Condition Report and actual room condition. This list will then be supplied to the University Housing professional staff to determine the total amount of damage and cleaning charges and the date full payment is due. Failure to pay your balance in full may result in a hold on your University account.

How do decorations work?
We want your room to be as personalized as possible so that you can feel right at home but we always want to protect facilities. To do so residents cannot make changes to the walls, ceilings, doors, floors, windows, or furnishings that would result in damage or permanently alter the original appearance. Nails, tacks, or items that would leave a hole or residue on any surface are prohibited. Violations of this policy will result in a charge on your account. Your RA can give you more information about how to appropriately hang items on your walls.

Are there any amenities?
Of course! University Housing strives to ensure residents feel at home while in on-campus so housing provides a few different amenities.

  • Housing Courtyard: In-between Eccles B and Cedar South there are BBQ grills, tables, volleyball court and open quads for residents to use for recreational and leisure activities.
  • Laundry Rooms: Each housing unit contains laundry rooms with lost-cost, coin operated washers and dryers that are convenient and affordable for residents.
  • Living Areas: Whether you are needing a space to watch a movie and play games with your friends  or a quiet place to zone in on your studies University Housing supplies residents with study rooms, lobby areas with TVs and DVDs, and Conferences Rooms.
  • Cable Television: Basic cable is provided to individual rooms and apartments. All you need to do is hook up your set and enjoy.

Is there a place to store my bicycle or park my car?
While bicycles are not allowed inside the building, the bicycle racks around each of our communities are reserved for residents. Residents will need to acquire a free SUU Bike Permit Sticker to make sure their bike is not collected by security.

Vehicles parked in the lots adjacent to any residence hall must have a University Housing parking permit to avoid fines/being towed. These lots are specifically for on-campus residence only. Information about SUU parking policies and how you can obtain a University parking pass is provided by SUU Parking Services.

What do I do if I am locked out?
It happens to all of us. From time to time we forget our key or lose it during the day, but that is okay because University Housing has your back! All residents receive keys during the check-in process that will allow them access to their building and bedroom 24 hours a day when the residence halls are open. Occupancy officially begins when you accept your key during move-in. Charges will result when keys are lost or must be replaced and when residents are locked out. There is a $50 charge to replace lost metal keys (used in Ponderosa Terrace and Cedar Hall) and a $5 charge anytime a lockout occurs. If you are locked out of your room between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday you can go to the University Housing office in Eccles A for assistance. After 5:00 p.m. and all weekend long, residents should call the RA on Duty for their building when locked out.

When does University Housing close?
The residence halls are closed during Winter Break, but will remain open for all other breaks and holidays including Thanksgiving, Easter and Spring Recess. The residence halls will close at 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the Saturday after Finals, and reopen on the Sunday prior to the start of Spring Semester, at 12:00 p.m. (noon). If you wish to remain in University Housing during Winter Break you must sign up for an Academic Year Plus agreement and reside in Eccles Living and Learning Center or Ponderosa Terrace.

How do I submit a maintenance request?
Routine Maintenance Requests (MR) can be completed online through the myHousing portal. If you become aware of an emergency maintenance concern you should call the UH office (435-586-7966) between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or the RA on Duty from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 am Monday through Friday and 24 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday so that immediate action can be taken. Completing a MR automatically grants UH Maintenance or UH Custodial staff permission to enter your apartment, suite or bedroom (this access is implied in the Housing Application and License Agreement) as necessary to complete the work. UHC and UHM staff may not be able to contact you prior to visiting your room and may not be able to complete the work requested depending on the condition of the room.

What is the returning resident housing application process?
During the academic year current residents are offered an opportunity to go through a priority room assignment process that guarantees them a room for the following academic year. Information about this process will be distributed during the spring semester.

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