What Does a Three Year Degree Look Like?

Posted: January 26, 2021 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 1 minutes

What does a three year bachelor's degree look like?With Southern Utah University’s three-year degree program, students can elect to complete three semesters of school per year for three years instead of completing the traditional two semesters of school per year for four years. It’s the same amount of schooling, just over a shorter time frame. But, what does a three-year degree actually look like? 

Three Things to Know About a Three Year Degree

Saving Time

The three-year degree means saving an entire year of time spent in college. While you are saving a year of school, you are not sacrificing the quality of your education. Courses during the summer semester are just as rigorous as courses during the fall and spring semesters. Plus, even while adding the summer semester to your yearly schedule, you can still enjoy roughly eight weeks off of school throughout the time between semesters and spring break.

Saving Money

The three-year degree means saving money. Three-year degree students save money not only by earning a year of professional salary sooner, but also by qualifying for summer-specific scholarships and paying less for student housing during the summer. Also during the summer semesters, all undergraduate students will receive the resident, in-state tuition rate regardless of whether or not they are an out-of-state student.

Kickstarting Your Career

The three-year degree means kickstarting your career. With the three-year degree program, students can enter their career field faster while still gaining professional experience and individualized instruction in school. SUU has several additional resources that can help you prepare for life after graduation- whether that’s a career, graduate school, etc. Check out the Career Center’s website for more information.


Save time, save money, and start your career with SUU’s three-year degree. Meet with your academic advisor to explore courses available this summer, or to create a three-year degree plan. Find your 3-year degree program.

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