What to Expect From an Online Bachelor’s of Finance Degree

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Earning a bachelor's degree in finance onlineThe online Bachelor of Finance degree sets students up for success as financial planners, financial analysts, chief financial officers, and other finance-related careers. Getting a bachelor of finance degree will give you the flexibility to work on your career, experience in your field of choice, and the ability to further your education.

At Southern Utah University, a bachelor’s degree in finance will help you gain a strong foundation in managerial finance, investments, and data analytics. The program can be completed within three years, costs $36,000, and takes 120 credits to finish.

What Will You Get Out of an Online Finance Degree?

The online finance degree program is broad and all-encompassing. It allows you to understand core financial processes that can be used in any financial position. You will be able to comprehend key financial institutions and markets to help future employers.

As well as getting a financial degree of the highest quality, the online aspect of this program will allow you to do coursework from home, have a family, and/or start your career earlier than others who will take these courses in person. An online degree opens doors that you never thought were possible.

What Courses Will You Take in SUU’s Bachelor of Finance Program?

This program will take a total of 120 credit hours, 30-35 credits are general education credits, 12 credits are bachelor of science requirements, 73 credits are core requirements, and 0-19 credits are free electives. Many of these credits apply to your future career. Some of these courses are:

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Online Finance Degree?

The online Bachelor of Finance degree can be completed in three years but will most likely take closer to four years. The three-year plan requires you to take five courses every semester including spring, summer, and fall. The ability to complete a degree in three years is incredible and to do this online can grant you so many opportunities in life.

SUU’s bachelor’s degree in finance is only $36,000 in total, which is around $300 per credit. The program also offers pay-by-the-course tuition to make it more affordable.

The online finance degree is a great step in the right direction for your future career. It can allow you to grow your education and do this all from the comfort of your own home. You can expect from this program an affordable but quality education, courses that will allow you to excel in your career, and the ability to work when and where you can.

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