How to Start a Club on Campus

Posted: September 09, 2021 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 2 minutes

How to start a club at SUUHave an idea for a new club on campus? Starting a club on campus is simple, and any student can register a club on campus. Before registering your club on T-Bird Connection, there are a few things you will need to get done. So gather a group of friends, read this article, and get started.

Come up with an Idea

Maybe you want to start SUU’s first TikTok club. Perhaps you want to gather other students to watch Star Wars. With over 120 clubs on campus, Southern Utah University has something for everyone. Club areas on campus include academic, advocacy, athletic, cultural, Greek, inter-collegiate, occupational, recreation & leisure, and service. Create a place for something new on campus. What types of clubs may be in demand for students? What sort of club are you interested in?

Write a Constitution

Every club on campus must create a constitution to be approved by the vice president of clubs. The constitution details logistical things like meeting times and membership. Your club’s constitution must be written before you can submit registration for your club on T-Bird connection. For help getting started, check out this sample constitution from SUUSA.

Recruit Club Members

In order to start a new club, you must have at least five students and a full or part-time faculty or staff advisor. Because of this requirement, it is best to find a small group of friends to start a club with. When selecting a club advisor, try to find someone who is not only committed to your club but who is interested in your club. You will also have to establish a club president and vice president on T-Bird Connection.

Advertise Your Club

Become a visible club on campus! Make your club known by registering your club for events like Paint the Town Red, Meet Your Clubs, and the Spring Clubs Fair. Clubs can also reserve tables in the Sharwan Smith Student Center and outside the Library to promote your club, advertise events, fundraise, etc.

Have Fun

Most importantly, remember to have fun. College is more than textbooks and grades. Have fun with the unique opportunity of creating your own campus club.


Need more help starting your campus club? Consult the Club Handbook or contact the VP of Clubs. Learn more about clubs at SUU and how you can get involved.

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