Clubs and Organizations Committee

The Clubs and Organizations Committee is composed of 2 senators, 3 representatives, 2 directors and 5 assistants. We are committed to helping clubs succeed across campus. All of the members host office hours in the STIL Offices to answer any questions that clubs might have. We host a club president training during the fall and spring semester as well as Paint the Town Red and the spring club fair. On the last tuesday of every month we have been working with the Student Programming board to put on our Campus Connect events.

Campus Connect

The Campus Connect event is in the second year since its inception. This event is a way for students and clubs to get connected to each other and campus. Clubs will host an activity for students which help get their names out and the students are able to come and participate in activities and get to know the clubs on campus. This event has been a big success in the past with a few hundred students coming every time. Ideally in the future this event will just grow and grow to a point where we can have a club night once a month where we are able to have clubs throughout the entire student center hosting events.

Clubs at SUU

SUU has over 120 clubs on campus. We have clubs for many different interests, making it extremely easy to get involved. If there is not a club that fits what you are looking for it is super quick to start a new one. You will need 5 students, a full time faculty or staff advisor, and will need to fill out the Club Registration Form on Tbird Connection. Clubs are eligible for merit money from the Club Committee and other funding from the student senate.