Clubs and Organizations Committee

The Clubs and Organizations Committee is composed of senators, representatives, directors, and club specialists. We are committed to helping clubs succeed across campus by hosting events, trainings and other meetings so that clubs are aware of their resources on campus. Some examples of events we try to host are two club president trainings during the fall and spring semester as well as Paint the Town Red, (FALL) The Spring Club Fair (SPRING) and monthly Meet Your Clubs.

Contact Information

Phone: (435) 865-8504
Office: ST 117

Club Handbook | Risk Assessment

Meet your Clubs

The Meet your Clubs event is one way the clubs committee tries to have students get connected with clubs on campus. At this event, clubs will host an activity for students so that they are able to showcase what their club is about and students that come will get an opportunity to interact with members from the club. The clubs committees role is to help make the process more inviting for both clubs and students so they will help where needed by providing an activity, food, prizes or all three. This event is a great way for all clubs to interact with students in a place where they can connect on an interest and individual basis.

Clubs at SUU

SUU has over 120 clubs on campus. We have clubs for many different interests, making it extremely easy to get involved. If there is not a club that fits what you are looking for it is super quick to start a new one. You will need 5 students, a full or part-time faculty or staff advisor, and will need to fill out the Club Registration Form on T-Bird Connection. Clubs are eligible for merit money from the Club Committee and other funding from the student senate.