The College Tour at SUU: Skyler Clark

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The College Tour at SUU: Skyler ClarkSkyler Clark, a recent graduate from Southern Utah University, was thrilled to participate in SUU’s episode of The College Tour. The College Tour is a new national TV series that provides an in-depth look at college campuses across the country. SUU is the first Utah university to be featured.

“It was really fun! Alex and his team were wonderful to work with and they gave us a lot of freedom to express what we love about SUU in a way that was genuine. I thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to give back to the University after all it had given me over the years. Everyone here has a story, and I'm grateful The College Tour gave us the opportunity to share ours and our appreciation for SUU!”

Clark’s portion of the episode emphasized SUU’s caring campus community that every T-Bird is a part of while they pursue their education. Majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Chemistry, Clark describes how everyone he interacted with at SUU expressed a genuine interest in him and his goals.

“I was immediately sought out by advisors and student leaders who wanted to ensure that I was succeeding not just academically, but also emotionally, socially, and mentally,” Clark said.

As all these encounters with caring people started to add up, Clark discovered a desire to pay that kindness forward.

“I later volunteered to be a freshman orientation leader,” he said. “For the last two years, I have been the ‘bordeaux beau,’ or big brother for Alpha Phi, one of our Greek communities.”

Alpha Phi’s sisterhood prides itself on the extensive time and effort spent in philanthropy and service, one of the most significant is the annual Red Dress Events held to raise thousands of dollars for women’s heart health. SUU as a whole is known for its high priorities in serving the community and anyone in need.

“Both on and off campus, students at SUU are getting involved. One of the great things about SUU is that over forty percent of our clubs are classified as service-based organizations,” Clark said.

To add to his credentials as a service-oriented student, Clark volunteers for Needs Beyond Medicine; a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Utah-based cancer patients pay for their non-medical expenses. Additionally, the organization travels across the state to hold seminars on cancer prevention.

“I found Needs Beyond Medicine after they were recruiting at SUU for volunteers,” Clark recalled. “NBM stretches all across Utah and helps many cancer patients every year. The biggest takeaway for me are the specific memories I have of meeting individuals who either were recently diagnosed with cancer or have had close family be diagnosed, and helping them to realize they aren't alone in their battle.”

Clark described his time at SUU as indispensable. Service through SUU and giving back to his community are key and integral parts of his life. SUU’s mission has always been to reach out a hand and meet the need, and Clark expressed his gratitude for the opportunity.

“Through these opportunities of service, I’ve recognized that I’ve changed during my time at SUU. The students and faculty prioritize cooperation and collaboration rather than competition,” Clark explained. “I became a tutor for organic chemistry after being inspired by the tutor who helped me to pass the class. After I was accepted into medical school, I hosted a free workshop where I helped other pre-med students prepare their own application.”

Clark is now studying at McGovern Medical School, and will graduate in 2025.

One of the first things new students learn is that SUU is all about paying it forward and people helping each other. In helping one another, people change one another. To learn more about service and involvement opportunities at SUU, visit the SUU Club webpage to find ways to make a difference.

SUU’s episode of the College Tour aired on August 19, 2021, and is available to watch on YouTube and the College Tour website. The episode features ten students from different corners of campus, each offering their own story about the university. Learn more about the College Tour students.

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