Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Students Outside of Business

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Entrepreneurship opportunities for all studentsIf you tend to think outside the box, and have a desire for freedom, a highly creative mind, or a genuine desire to create change in this world, then you may find that forging your own path in life is better suited to your strengths. The Entrepreneurship Program at Southern Utah University is well-versed in guiding students who are driven and independent, whether they are working toward earning a business degree or not. Do you have a business idea or already own a small business? If so, you don’t have to be enrolled in the entrepreneurship program to take part in exciting entrepreneurial opportunities that are sure to help your ideas and business soar.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Students Outside of Business


Whether you own your own business, have a brilliant new business idea, or are looking to open your own business, SUU offers a mentor program to help you no matter which degree you’re pursuing. All students at the University can set up a time to meet with SUU’s entrepreneur in residence to receive help and support for their ideas.

Schedule an appointment to talk to the entrepreneur in residence who will walk you through your ideas, answer your questions, and set you on the correct path to making your ideas a reality.


Let your curiosity about the world of entrepreneurship guide you to participating in a competition. These competitions are made for SUU students who are independent, creative, and determined, no matter their declared major – all students at the University are encouraged and invited to participate!

Opportunity Quest

Opportunity Quest is a competition where students bring to the table their most innovative business models. This competition is part of the state-wide Utah Entrepreneur Challenge designated for university students and is sponsored by Zion’s Bank. The SUU winner will receive a cash prize and will go on to compete in a state-wide competition. If you have a business idea, this is the place to pitch your idea, receive feedback, and possibly get some funding. Past winners have come from a variety of areas on campus!


SUU’s Spring into Summer of Success, better known as S4, is a high-stakes entrepreneurship competition open to all SUU students who currently own a business. The winner is awarded thousands of dollars and is paired with a mentor from SUU’s Entrepreneur Leadership Council, with the goal of taking a solid business to the next level over the course of the summer. During the first round, business-owning students present the current status of their business to the judges. The three students who demonstrate their businesses are the most developed will go onto the second round. Here, the final three students present their most daunting business challenge and how they plan on addressing that challenge. If you’ve already taken that first step in entrepreneurship and own your business but would love additional resources and support, this is the competition for you!

The State Bank Business Challenge

The State Bank Business Challenge helps to identify and support high-potential and early-stage businesses. With thousands of dollars and additional awards to be given to students, all entrepreneurs who meet the criteria are highly encouraged to consider entering the competition. Through the State Bank Business Challenge, your business idea will be heard and evaluated, and potentially could be the winner!

Entrepreneurship Club

Join a community of like-minded and driven creatives. The Entrepreneurship Club is run by SUU students and sponsored by the Miller Entrepreneurship Center. While in the club, you’ll learn how to start and run a successful business while earning a degree. The club also offers a variety of resources for each member and opportunities for collaboration, networking and travel, exercises in team building, and developing business ideas. Finally, the Entrepreneurship Club is unique in the fact you can actually participate in money-making events, helping you practice your entrepreneurial skills in a real-life setting. The experience gained from participating in entrepreneurship is boundless, so check them out to see how you can join.

Speaker Series

During the Fall and Spring semesters, the entrepreneurship program hosts the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series with a line-up of professionals and experts in the field of business and entrepreneurship. Each week, an experienced entrepreneur shares their insights, struggles, and lessons learned. Students who attend receive varying perspectives on entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful. The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series provides students with an in-depth experience that no textbook can provide. The speakers chosen for the series come from all walks of life and continually resonate with students. If you’re looking for some inspiration and to learn from knowledgeable entrepreneurs, attending the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is a must!


If you know you want to create your own path in life, SUU has several entrepreneurship opportunities for students outside of a business major. So, no matter what degree you’re pursuing, you can achieve your entrepreneurial dreams through the opportunities and community at SUU. Contact the Entrepreneurship Program anytime for more information.

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