Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club is a student run club, sponsored by the Miller Entrepreneurship Center. This club brings together Entrepreneurially minded students here at SUU to help teach them how to start and run their own business, while attending school. The club offers access to a wide range of resources, all while teaching students the skills necessary to be successful entrepreneurs.

Why Join?

Some of the benefits of being in the Entrepreneurship Club are:

  • Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Generate and develop potential business ideas
  • Networking with other successful entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Team building
  • Business startup
  • Collaborate with various mentors
  • Participate in Pitch Competitions with the potential to win seed money
  • Free trips
  • Looks great on a resume

President: Quinn Hagerman | quinnhagerman@gmail.com
VP: Karl Gardner | karlandrewgardner@gmail.com
Chief Marketer: Kirsten Stavast | kirstav37@gmail.com
Secretary: Noemie Selin | noemieselin2@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Dr. Tyler Stillman | tylerstillman@suu.edu